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Alan R. Mitchell

At Associated Insurance, we have relied on Tech Assurance for our business machine needs for over 20 years. Although we are a smaller company, they have given us the prompt attention and service that would be expected if we were a larger company. Cartridge on Wheels and Tech Assurance have been an integral part of our success in the past and will be in our future with the addition of email hosting and web applications.

Alan R. Mitchell
Associated Insurance

Bradley L. Johnston, DPA

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for putting us on your Tech Assurance Complete IT management plan. This last year has been much easier on me because I no longer have to worry about the computers in our office. Just last month I was reminded of how well the program was working when one of your techs showed up to replace a hard drive that we were not aware was failing. The technician scheduled the install so that it would not disrupt Betty's work.

Your Company has been providing Johnston and Company with technology for 15 years and this Complete Management program reminded me why we continue to use you as a vendor. One company to call for printers and PCs takes a lot of the stress out of my day.

Thank you for making my job easier.

Bradley L. Johnston, DPA
Johnston And Company, CPA's, LLP

Linda Anders

I recently had a visit from Brandon Pridgen, Technoogy Specialist, he explaining what Tech Assurance was introducing into the Monroe, West Monroe area. The concept of being proactive about your computer and networking needs, having a computer background he peeked my interests.

He convinced me it was time to be proactive instead of waiting for our computer equipment to break down, so we signed on with Tech Assurance and they began to monitor our equipment. A few of the services they provide us are:

  1. monitor all the equipment and check for conflicts that may be cause problems
  2. do full nightly backups of our Server
  3. run virus control software to all our computers, and insure it is up to date
  4. analyze what equipment we currently run and let us know what they think would help our office to be more efficient

One of the main reasons I was interested in what they have to say is because we have 3 multifunction printers that are on a service agreement with them and I have always been impressed with their response time. The response time that Adam has provided is great.

I would recommend Tech Assurance to any business that is dependent on computers.

Linda Anders
Office Manager

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