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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a better way?

What services does Tech Assurance offer?

The Tech Assurance team offers technology implementation and monitoring programs that are catered to your business. Whether you have ten computers or fifty, we will work with you to create an affordable service plan that includes equipment, proactive monitoring and maintenance, and always-ready tech support for times when you experience a challenge. Our goal is to provide you with emergency-free, worry-free IT that works for you.

Will I have to replace my existing equipment?

Not necessarily. Depending on the state of your current infrastructure, we can often incorporate your existing server, computers, printers, software, network equipment, and other hardware into your program.

How can your company help our business run more efficiently?

Having technology equipment that works with you at your pace can make a tremendous difference to yours and your employees' productivity. Alternatively, having technology equipment that performs poorly and consists of half-fixes and work-arounds is a hindrance that costs you both time and money. With that in mind, the Tech Assurance IT team will customize a program that fits your company's needs. Our program works by preventing problems before they occur, keeping your company running smoothly.

Who are your customers?

We are able to accommodate a wide array of businesses of various size and industry, from those in the legal and medical fields to manufacturing and accounting. As we begin to implement our system, we perform a series of network scans to determine where performance and security problems may be hidden and talk with your employees about how they use their equipment on a daily basis and what obstacles they currently face. By doing this, we can better understand your business's needs and tailor our program for you.

How does our pricing and billing work?

Our services and equipment are bundled into one lease paid in monthly intervals. By offering this method, we are able to provide you with a predictable cost with no surprise fees or unexpected expenses for parts and labor.

What is the network assessment?

The more we learn about your current obstacles, the better our program can work for you. Knowing this, we offer a free, no pressure and no obligation network assessment for anyone interested in our program. This assessment will offer us greater insight into your network security, stability, and usage and your hardware and software usage and opportunities. We will present the results to you in a full report along with our recommended plan to strengthen your technology infrastructure.

If I do have a problem, how quickly will it be addressed?

Once our program is in place, you'll have immediate support through telephone or chat, and, depending on your preference, can be accessible during business hours only or 24/7. Simply click on our logo in your desktop system tray to initiate a chat with our help desk, and we will work quickly to address your issue.

Are cloud services right for my business?

Cloud computing is a great opportunity for some business, but, for cost, security, and performance, it may not be right for others. After meeting with you to discuss your goals and performing our network assessment, we can discuss your possibilities, including the migration to cloud computing.

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